Apr 2016

A Call To Action As Chaiken, Berlanti Honored at Inaugural Alliance of Women Directors Awards

It was as much a suffragette rally as it was an awards ceremony, with speaker after speaker at the inaugural Alliance of Women Directors awards calling on everyone in Hollywood to play their part in bringing equality to women in the industry’s workplace.

“I don’t know whether to start a revolution or a mutiny at this point,” said presenter Sanna Hamri, the producing director for Fox’s hit show Empire.

“It is probably accurate to say that almost every single woman that works in our business has encountered institutional sexism in one form or another,” said award recipient Ilene ChaikenEmpire’s showrunner. Her award was presented by Empirestar Gabourey Sidibe, who was Oscar-FullSizeRendernominated for her film debut in Precious. “We’ve found a host of ways to endure and navigate, but we’ve all got stories, right? We’ve made gains over the years, but we’ve also backslid. It’s a much reported fact that the most recent statistics are grim. Maybe it’s progress that some of the behavior that was once rampant is no longer tolerated, and some of the most overt rhetoric now has to be toned down or delivered with subterfuge. But it would be an understatement to say that women still face obstacles to achieving equality.”