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In September 2016 Isabel enrolled in her first year as an Undergraduate student at the Sussex University in Brighton.. She is studying International Relations and Economics, from which she will earn a joint-honours degree at the end of her third year. Isabel has had the chance to analyse crucial historical events from political, economic, anthropological and sociological perspectives and this allowed her to build bridges across disciplines. Additionally to her study course, she dedicates herself to volunteering. She has participated in three volunteering programs in Costa Rica, the Philippines and in Fiji and her duty has been to help build houses or schools. These experiences have been eye-opening and have encouraged her to choose International Relations in her studies, as she is really intrigued by how the world functions and how we are all inter-connected. Isabel’s greatest goal is to operate in worldwide organisations in order to contribute in making sure that human rights will never be overstepped and, also, collaborate in order to find connections and agreements among nations. Isabel lives in Brighton, UK.

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